Blind Man Crap!!!

People want to know why on earth I write about so many things that don’t have anything to do with blindness. Why do you talk about divorce and job hunting and work and social issues. I’ll tell you.

I as a blind person perceive and see the world differently than people that fit into the “normal” category do. That means in something I am more insightful and mature and in other things I’m not.

I find it a constant struggle to gain retain and nurture my emotional intelligence. I need people around me that are blunt when I’m not being my best. I need to be educated on things I’m missing and things that are important and things that are not important.

There are aspects of “normal” or sighted life that I find terrible and revolting. It really would be bad for me to be sighted. I feel exactly how people feel about being blind. Yuck.

My mother always told me I’m in my own little world and I am. The problem is keeping the interface up to date and functioning with the sighted world. I struggle constantly for context and perspective to continue to make the bridge work. Its why I now am open about my disability it explains the weirdness that my world brings to the sighted world. It also explains the brilliance the genius I bring.

So please feel free to feel certain topics are bizarre or have nothing to do with blindness. They do. Socializing a blind person in a sighted world is an on-going never ending constant struggle. I am always working on growing up and being and adult. I am thankful to the woman who mentored me into adulthood. I told her one day the older I get the more I realize I don’t know and the more I feel like a kid. She told me you’ve finally grown up…..

About the Author:

Kyle has ocular albinism and has been legally blind since birth. Kyle leads a very active live and is besides his professional career involved in many projects for persons who are different.

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